At a very early age I seemed to have a profound knowledge of and belief in The Truth.

The Truth to me was basically like the teachings of the prophet Jesus or what most Americans know as “The Golden Rule”.

I did not understand injustice or cruelty or lying.

It scared me when I saw others do these things!

Unfortunately I too for a large part of this life learned to lie and not always keep to The Truth. I always knew what it was though and sought it throughout my life.

After much wrong doing and problems with intoxicating substances I was finally brought again to humility and a path of righteousness.

I had always prayed. Throughout my life, no matter how far from the path I was I always remembered to pray. I prayed to God as I knew Him. I would always ask for forgiveness even though at times it seemed hopeless as I could not seem to break the bonds of my sinful ways. I was blessed time after time by Allah who is of forgiving, most merciful.

What is very unusual about me finding Islam and becoming Muslim is that before the day. I actually picked up the Qur’an and started reading and asking questions, my only exposure to Islam was from what little I had heard of out in the News on TV or in movies which contained some corrupted portrayal of this Truth.

I was looking for a book to read and saw one lying on top of the heating unit. As I picked it up I had a strong feeling I should read it. I turned it over as it was face down and saw the title.

Fifteen pages into the book I was convinced that what I was reading was what I had been looking for all my life.

I also give much credit to Allah for the wonderful brothers he has put around me. They are fine examples of his work and help me to find peace and Truth in my everyday life.

Allahu Akbar!

Ali Bin Abdullah/ Everett Andrew Duncan Jr.