Eid in Egypt is celebrated in a spectacular way. The prayer usually takes place outdoors as some mosques may be at full capacity on this special day. Eid is something Egyptians consider a family event as they are very family oriented people. The first day is spent by visiting and receiving guests. Many families gather together and spend time with each other for Eid. Along with celebrating, on Eid comes a lot of preparation. This includes things such as buying new clothes and making homemade cookies such as “kahk”. Kahk are cookies filled with nuts and covered with powdered sugar which are known by all Egyptians. People who prefer to buy kahk from the store form long lines in front of bakeries in the days leading up to Eid.

Eid also gives us a chance to see our family members that we do not usually see throughout the year as well as friends and neighbors. Some families choose to cook and others will take the whole family out to eat at a restaurant. Either way, it is all considered spending quality time with each other. Parents usually give their children “Eidiah” (a gift of money) in the morning before the day starts so that they can spend it throughout the Eid day. Also, mothers, wives, sisters and daughters are commonly presented with special gifts from their loved ones. 

There are lots of lights, balloons, and decorations put up all throughout the streets. The last two days are all about outings. Lots of activities take place. Many people visit public places like zoos, amusement parks, botanical gardens, and beaches to celebrate the occasion. Felucca (a traditional wooden sailing boat) rides on the River Nile are also common. Overall, you’ll get a sense of warmth celebrating Eid with Egyptians as their hospitality is tremendously generous.

Composed by Filiz Arslan