People who reside outside of their home country are immediately noticed by the society in which they live if they don’t blend in. Imagine a Hindu lady with her Sari walking on the streets of Europe, or an Afghan lady with her Burqa in New York, or a white man in the jungle of Africa where no ax has entered? Woman or man does not matter: if you appear different you will be noticed.

Of course, we “The Veiled Muslim Ladies” who live in the United States of America come across with either glances-stares or variety of oral questions-comments-criticisms from the people in our society in our daily lives. It may sound unbelievable but sometimes the questions are so funny that even a child may laugh at them. For example “Do you sleep with the thing on your head? or even funnier “Don’t you take it off even in the shower?” etc.

Rather than thinking how funny these questions are, we are aware and conscious about the opportunity that these moments hold for us. With this perception, a group of friends came together and decided to compile all the questions that were directed to us till now. By the permission of Allah (s.w.t.) we intended to guide our sisters and brothers who might come across the same questions as we did and try to give an appropriate, beautiful, meaningful, informative and perhaps thought-provoking, answers to all of them.

We can’t omit mentioning this: In recent years, the people who hold higher education came to know much more about Islam than ever before in America. If one of them going to ask a question to you, you should be prepared, giving well thought, right and satisfactory answers. Because they are not seeking information, rather they want to be convinced about what you are saying. And let’s hope that they read and learn from right sources out there since they tend to research by themselves.

The principal questions we want to address here are, the questions that are directed to us from the people who have, due to the media, sketchy even a wrong image of Islam, little or no knowledge about Islam and Muslims (but can’t hide their curiosity and don’t hesitate to ask). These questions find you usually all of a sudden, while you are shopping, taking your child to school, or while waiting in waiting room for your doctor appointment, at a time when you never expected. Remember these are the people who wait for an answer in wonder, with all the attention to your response. Be prepared and do not let this opportunity be missed!

Let us start with one of the most common question :

Question: Why do you wear a scarf? Is it your choice or you are force to do it? Do you feel hot wearing it?

Answer: This is a good question and there is a beautiful answer! God has commanded us with every action that is good for us and prohibited us from performing every action that is bad for us. God orders the Muslim woman to wear the hijaab when she steps out of the security of her home or when in the presence of strange men.

I wear my Hijab because it is my personal choice, no one forces me to do so. My God has commanded me and all the Muslim women in our Holy Book “Qur’an” to wear the Hijab.

My religion which is Islam, did not leave it up to the people to decide how to cover or display their bodies. For a set of reasons, Allah instructed both men and women to dress in a certain way in public. Hijab must cover woman’s body except for her face, hands and feet. At home when I’m with my family, and close relatives I don’t have to wear it at all. Yes, I sometimes do feel hot in my Hijab but I think it’s not more then how hot you may feel during a hot summer day. My hijab protects me from the harmful rays of the sun and it provides shade to my skin. I believe that Allah doesn’t give trouble to anybody more then that person can handle.