Eid is a three-day holiday in Pakistan that everyone has off from work and school. On Eid day the boys and the men go to the masjid where they pray the Eid prayer. The women and the girls pray at home. After the men are back from the masjid, breakfast is served. A very traditional breakfast for Eid that is served in Pakistan is called sheer khurma. Sheer khurma is roasted vermicelli that is cooked in milk and is garnished with raisins and nuts. It is usually served with chai; black tea with milk and sugar. After breakfast is done, everyone gets ready and the first place that is visited are the elder’s houses. 

Another tradition on Eid day is that all the kids in the family get money which is called “eidi”. The State Bank of Pakistan issues fresh currency notes every year for this purpose. Grandparents normally give a little bit extra eidi because they want to spoil their grandkids and that’s what the kids really look forward to. The day goes by with visiting other relatives’ houses or sometimes the relatives come over for tea or lunch. It’s a nice big gathering for three days filled with lots of fun. Extended family members that haven’t seen each other in a while will definitely meet on Eid day. It’s basically about families and friends coming together to celebrate with a lot of special and delicious food. 

Composed by Filiz Arslan