Sample Dialogues at DMV (Motorlu Taşıtlar Şubesi’nde Olası Konuşmalar)

Amerika’ya yaşamak için gelenlerin, varsa geldiği ülkede kullandığı ehliyetini yerel ehliyet ile değiştirmesi ya da 18 yaşını doldurmuş yetişkinlerin yeni ehliyet alma arzusuyla yolu mutlaka bir Motorlu Taşıtlar Şubesi’ne (Department of Motor Vehicles) düşecektir.

Bu ziyaretler permit almak, plaka ya da adres değiştirmek, sigorta ödemek gibi başka sebeplerden ötürü de olabilir. Örnek teşkil etmesi için, burada sadece bir ehliyet yenileme aşamasında orada çalışan görevlilerle aranızda geçebilecek diyaloglara örnekler sunmak istiyoruz.

Örneğimizdeki karakterimiz Fatma Demir’in başörtüsü ile ilgili soruya verdiği cevabı da hep birlikte görelim:

With Appointment:

DMV Employee: Hello, how may I help you?

You: Hello, my name is Fatma Demir. I have an appointment for my driver’s license renewal at 2 o’clock.

DMV Employee: Did you bring all the required documents with you today? Your current driver’s license, your Social Security Number, a proof of identity, a proof of residency?

You:Yes I did. I put them all in this folder. Here it is. As a proof of identity I have brought my passport and as a proof of residency I have brought my electric bill with me. Are these acceptable?

DMV Employee:Yes, they are. Thank you. While I prepare your documents for your appointment, please take a seat and someone will call you shortly. When they call you please go up to the next available window.

You: Thank you.

Another DMV Employee: Hello, thank you for waiting. I am here to help renew your driver’s license today. I see that you do not have to take the road test and you have all the necessary documents with you. Before I prepare your new driver’s license, I want you to make sure all the information on this paper is correct.

You: It looks correct.

DMV Employee: Okay then, please sign your name, signature and the date here at the bottom of the page. All we need is a picture taken by our staff member located on your left. Congratulations on your new driver’s license!

You: Thank you. I appreciate all your help.

Another DMV Employee: Calling for Fatma Demir!

You: I am here.

Employee: Please stand behind the blue line close to the wall behind you and look straight ahead to the camera. I see you are wearing a headscarf. Is it possible to remove it?

You: No, my headscarf is an integral part of my religion and part of my daily religious attire. I ask to be photographed with it on please.

DMV Employee: If that’s the case, there is no problem. The DMV is no longer requiring removing religious head coverings to get the driver’s license photo taken. I will only ask you to push it back a little bit so I can see your forehead. That is sufficient. Thank you.

You: I am very happy to hear that the DMV recognizes the rights of people who wants to practice their faith. Thank you for informing me about this. When will my driver’s license be ready for pick up?

DMV Employee: No problem. After you pay the fees, your driver’s license should be ready for pick up in 10 minutes.

You: You were very helpful to me today. Thank you.

DMV Employee: You are welcome.

Without Appointment / Walk-Ins

DMV Employee: Hello, how may I assist you?

You: Hello, my name is Fatma Demir. I am here to renew my driver’s license.

DMV Employee: Do you have all the required documents with you today?

You: Yes I do.

Employee: That’s great. Please pull a number from the kiosk behind you and be seated in the waiting room. There will be a screen to follow the numbers. Please go up to the window when it is your turn with all of your documents. Thank you.

You: Thank you.

With Appointment – Late or Missed

DMV Employee: Hello, how can I help you?

You:Hello, my name is Fatma Demir. Unfortunately I am late to my appointment (I missed my appointment). Is there a way to be served today?

DMV Employee:I am sorry to hear that. If you are late or missed your appointment regrettably you need to schedule a new appointment with us. Or you can wait in line as a walk-in but there is no guarantee if you will be served today.

You:Thank you.


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